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High Net Worth Divorce

Protect Your Future During High Net Worth Divorce

A secure future never happens by accident. It takes careful planning – particularly during divorce negotiations or litigation.

At the Law Office of David A. Kazen, we maintain a respected reputation for providing the detailed legal guidance and dedicated advocacy that clients require in high-asset divorces. Attorney Kazen brings more than two decades of experience to these cases. He is also board-certified in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

Here are a few of the questions attorney Kazen can help you address in order to protect yourself and your children in the years to come:

  • How will you and your ex-spouse divide retirement benefits? In most cases, pension plans, 401(k) plans, 403(b) plans, military retirement benefits and other retirement benefits are subject to property division laws in Texas.
  • What will happen to your business or professional practice? If you are required to divide the value of the business with your ex-spouse, you need a plan for keeping the business operational. You also need to ensure that the business is correctly valued, taking into account any accumulated goodwill, the effect of inflation and other considerations.
  • Who will pay for the services of mental health professionals? If you are involved in a child custody battle, for example, you may require a forensic psychologist, a parenting facilitator, child therapists and other mental health professionals.
  • Will you be able to retain the same standard of living after divorce? If you are accustomed to having a significant income, it may be very difficult to adjust to a more frugal lifestyle. In this case, how alimony/spousal support is awarded can make a considerable difference.