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Child Custody And Grandparents’ Or Nonparents’ Rights In Texas

In Texas, individuals who have had substantial past contact and involvement with a child may have certain rights to request changes to conservatorship or possession orders. This can include grandparents or other nonparents who have played an important role in a child’s life.

Demonstrating Need For Grandparent Or Nonparent Involvement

In cases where parents are married, and there have been no prior conservatorship orders, the court generally requires a demonstration that grandparent or nonparent involvement is necessary due to circumstances that will significantly impair the child’s physical health or emotional development. This can include situations where the child’s parents are deceased, incarcerated, or unable to care for the child.

Nonparent Involvement In Legal Proceedings

In cases where the court has already rendered conservatorship orders, the legal obstacles to a grandparent or nonparent involvement in legal proceedings may be less stringent. However, consulting with an experienced family law attorney is still important to understand the options and potential outcomes.

Overall, the Texas courts prioritize the child’s best interests in making custody and possession decisions. This can sometimes include involving grandparents or other nonparents who have played an important role in a child’s life. However, the process for achieving this involvement can be complex, and it is crucial to work with an attorney who has experience in this area of law.

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