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Where Is Your Child’s Home For The Holidays?

Holidays are a unique stressor for recently – or even long-divorced – parents. Special occasions put an extraordinary strain on the question of who sees the kids when, but there is help for you.

Attorney David Kazen is dedicated to helping you resolve the issues that can come up with holiday school breaks. He works hard for people in Austin and helps families find a way to be together on those important days. As a child custody attorney, he can explain the law in Texas and advocate for the time you need as a parent.

Your Calendar Is Your Friend When It Comes To Child Custody Planning

In the best-case scenarios, your child custody plan will already include some guidance on holidays and special occasions. However, if things are not spelled out, it’s helpful to begin discussions early about things such as:

  • Summer vacation
  • School breaks
  • Religious holidays
  • Labor Day
  • New Year’s Day
  • Birthdays

The sooner you begin the discussion, the more easily you can find a way to work together to solve any perceived conflict. There may still be significant difficulty in having these discussions.

How You Can Have These Discussions

If you anticipate the holidays and start planning early, that’s great. But you may also expect difficulties with your co-parent if there isn’t already some guidance in place about holidays and breaks. It’s best to enter these discussions with clear, child-focused attention. You hope to build a good memory for your child. Making the holiday all about them is the wisest choice here.

You can work to modify your custody agreements to include guidance on special dates in the future.

Hardworking, Dedicated & Thorough Child Custody Attorney

No matter your goals for the holiday, we can help you make a plan. We know it can be hard to consider a holiday without your loved ones, but with the right approach, you can find an outcome that works. Reach out to us for a meeting by calling 512-982-0969 or sending an email using this form.

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