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David Kazen regularly represents individuals in divorce. Considerable professionalism is required to directly address the sensitive issues involving marital property, child custody and child support. The client’s choice of advocate or legal representative is potentially the most important decision the client will make within the divorce process. The divorcing client should have ready access to information about his or her rights. Only then is the client equipped to make informed decisions. A primary goal the lawyer should have is to get the client through the process as quickly, efficiently, and with as little acrimony as possible given the particular circumstances of the client. At the Law Office of David A. Kazen, representation in each case is conducted with this goal in mind.

Whenever the issues and dispositions of the parties permit, mediation or Collaborative Law should be used to settle divorce cases out of court. When the issues are not appropriate for settlement or one of the parties refuses to settle, the protection of marital rights in a divorce requires tough advocacy in court.