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Right of Grandparents or Other Persons

Persons having substantial past contact and involvement with a child can have certain rights to request changes to conservatorship and/or possession orders. Sometimes a grandparent or other non-parent can be an important figure in the life of a child and can provide much needed stability for a child. However, where parents of children are married and there have been no prior conservatorship orders regarding the child, the court generally requires a demonstration that the involvement of a grandparent or other non-parent is needed because of circumstances that will significantly impair the child's physical health or emotional development. In cases where conservatorship orders have already been rendered by the court, the legal obstacles to grandparent or non-parent involvement in legal proceedings may be less stringent. If you have questions regarding grandparental or non-parental rights, please contact the Law Office of David A. Kazen to arrange a consultation.


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